Byron Bay is a famous beachside town in southeastern Australia and is known for its iconic beaches, vibrant atmosphere and world-class festivals. Not everyone has the opportunity to experience the magic of Byron Bay, however Byron Bay Artists are determined to bring the magic to you.
As a collective we are dedicated to spreading the magic to the far corners of the world in the form of fine art and photography.
Bringing together Byron Bay artists in a community where they have the opportunity to express their unique talents across the world, art lovers now have access to local Australian artists and can purchase their artwork online. We have sourced the most talented local artists of Byron Bay to showcase on this portal and we offer international shipping to bring this magic directly to you.
The artwork showcased on Byron Bay Artists comes in different mediums such as; wall art paintings, nude paintings, photography and books. Please check in frequently to see new work we’ve added.
We at BBA believe in bringing good to the world in many ways. Byron Bay Artists are proud sponsors of the e’Pap charity who are on the mission of building the micro nutrient status of people in Africa. 10% of our profits are donated to the e’Pap charity foundation.




Naomie Jenkins (Left) is a whale whisper and photographer. She manages to get up close and personal with the whales and tries to capture the background of  Byron Bay. She is a long time local and well loved by the community. 
Davide Balduzzi hails from Italy and for now has made Byron Bay his home. His speciality is portraiture and he has a unique gift of capturing the essence of the local characters of Byron Bay. His photography is world class and it is a privilege to have him exhibiting here at Byron Bay Artists.
Leeorah Hursky (right) is originally from South Africa and comes from a line of artists. She however, has resisted any formal art training as it is her freedom of spirit that shines through her art work. Her particular love at the moment is painting dancers and nightclubs.